Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Censorship Its a Load of ***** ****

Interesting times we are living in, It seems every year we end with less freedom.

...and the mental thing is it gets sold to us as a good thing.

We have this wonderful internet thing, and it is a great tool, Its a learning tool, its a communication tool, its something we can all enjoy with freedom, uncensored.

I can say words like Cunt and fuck without pretty much any recourse, and as you have noticed to read this you need to press a button that says yes I am an adult, and yes there may well be rude words in and out of Context.

Recently in the media, there was talk of a police investigation with arrests over something said over the internet.
Now I'm not going to go into details, but things were said people got upset and the Po Po  were called.

Now I'm guessing that person felt shocked enough to call the Police and that's fair enough.

Does the whole lot need Nannying as a result though?

There is also talk of Nonces, Noncing on the internet, now I will be the first to admit that ain't good.

However making everyone tell their internet provided that you may intend on viewing stuff that although perfectly legal  ( OBVIOUSLY Not including Illegal stuff like Peado, beastiality cruelty or anything really wrong etc) might make the Vicar frown.

So the reasoning behind this censorship? pretty much its down to protecting Kids, so that they cannot see stuff that will affect them (Well that's their excuse).

Am I missing something here?

Is there not the capability on each and every computer to add a parental lock and filter, and for Fucks sake, ITS THE INTERNET it is not a replacement babysitter for Diddums .

A responsible parent, Should ...
A/ Be keeping at least a quiet Eye on what Diddums is Looking at.
B/ Should not be expecting the world to pretend the Vicar is round for tee just in case Diddums gets nosy.

Content locks work, As an adult trying to fox one for shits and Giggles on a College course (Shared computer in a Classroom, I was a mature student ...More immature though) They can be a pain in the Arse.
They work in other words.

Sweary filters at work, can work too.

Try typing in Scunthorpe and you will get S****horpe in some cases.

So on a local level the tech is there and I am guessing easy to install.

Why do I think the government want to really do this?

The internet is unregulated It is the last Freedom, and Politicians don't like us to have Freedom (They Like the Old School Tie to rule all areas, Preferably tied Tightly to the wardrobe door while they Thrap away...did I just type that? you betya)
They don't like us having access to something we can talk freely on any given subject, We may even talk freely about what we think of them without recourse.

In recent years we have seen and been subject to gagging orders, Twitter content has lead to prosecution.
We can all think it, we can all mutter it around the coffee machine at work, but woe betide we write it on the Internet.
Rumour has it every time we communicate via an electronic device we are monitored on a passive level, there are trigger words, One is a B word, it has 4 letters, and it goes bang for instance.
Say that word or others and electronic ears prick up at somewhere like Goonhilly and someone starts listening in / Looking at your content.
Paranoia? Dunno the people who know ain't exactly going to tell us if it is true are they?

Now to a degree I am sorta cool with this, If it stops nutbars flying flying Planes into buildings then that is OK.

But what is that tech gets abused? Signing up to view adult content I feel is the thin end of the wedge, Signing up to that will give them a reason enough to monitor you
What is considered Adult content? Way too many variables to define it
That ain't Cool.

You must also remember that the Government is in Bed with the Church (Allegedly, They MAY also have a bit of a rep for unsavoury stuff in some cases, So they May also benefit from keeping our mouths shut)
It's bad That there are kiddy fiddling Sites, It is bad there is Abuse and cruelty sites. AGREED!!!??!
Mentioning Pervs and Abusers in the same Paragraph as the Church is purely coincidental...Honest.
but what would you rather, Have Sickos somewhere the Authorities cab sniff them out? Or drive them further underground where they will struggle?
No Brainer really.

Bottom line.
Im an ADULT, I can decide what's suitable for me to see and read, and if I stumble across something I don't like I just Shrug, remember im an ADULT, Click back and look elsewhere.
The Internet is a Diverse and big old place place, Long may that continue.

Peace out


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