Sunday, 7 July 2013

Being an Adult, and the subtle art of blagging it.

Is anyone ever truly an Adult, Really?

Im 42 years young on this planet and let me try to convince you It is truly not possible.

I have met many people in those 42 years and on the surface most initially will give out that impression.

Some don't however (even if they try they fail in such a cataclysmic way you can count them straight out)
These people are dead easy to spot, they will be the ones ranting at you and each other over something trivial.  

They may well have the body of a Hod Carrier or be Sporting Savile row, but they have the reasoning of a Toddler that's just lost Teddy out the side of their Pushchair.

Anything you say will not Quell them, and unless you a contractually obliged to communicate with them Its best not to wait for Dum Dum and Blankie to be launched towards you.

Cross them off the list of Prospective Playmates, Promise to get them some Playdoh , and swiftly move on.

Then there is the Stirrers, they just sit there quietly, Just adding the elements and mixing peoples Personalities/Opinions until they split their personal Atom.

Go on admit it!
We have all done it at some point and it is fun ...if a bit childish.

The same thing that worked in the Playground works in the Boardroom, and if you are deft at it you can use it as an advantage to get what you want with clean hands.

Its still very childish, mind, and not all that nice.

But here I am, spinning away from my original point once more,I swear I have ADHD sometimes.  So time to chuck it back on track...

Everyone without exception is a big kid, I don't care if you are an Undertaker, Police officer,  MD of a company, Politician...Whatever.

I think as you move through Life you just pick up responsibilities... and then cover your childishness with thinly veiled justifications for your regression.

Driving a Hearse back from the Gig and decide to give it the beans. You are a big Kid.

Denial is futile , you do it, and I have seen it, end of.

Joined the Police Force, don't tell me the first time you ran a Red on Blues n Twos you didn't go Hell yeh and punch the Air, Even if only in your head.

MD on The Golf Course playing a round whilst 'networking'. Come on Fess up that sentence even had the word Playing In it  PLAYING, you PLAY Golf.

Politicians just scroll back to the bit about stirring, I ain't typing it again for you...

What of those parents among us? Surely you are grown up.

Well as someone who came downstairs to see a Scalextrics set on Christmas morning  as a kid I beg to differ.
Come on, The cars were still hot :D
You were checking it worked supposedly...

Parents are the biggest Kids of the lot.

Peace out

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