Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Circus commeth to town, and the Clowns are running the show.

Just a Short one tonight Its too Bloody hot but I need to spill

Ever wake up one morning and think Hmm what am I in for today?
Ever think with this many Clowns around me surely I have accidentally run away with a Circus?

Yup welcome to the world of Mark

Some of the stuff I see beggars belief

Today for example I was repairing and painting the front of a reception desk.
I had a paint roller in my hand, I was painting with it, I had caution wet paint signs everywhere.
I had 3 people  try to lean against said desk while I did it.

Each time I Said MIND THE  WET PAINT to them.

The replies in order were "Errr?" "You what!" and  "Where?"

You have not Lived until you have seen the dimness of the general public at large.

Obviously not you Dear Reader, but some of the people wasting oxygen on this Planet need to be reported on to be believed.

If you see a lift with Keep out Barriers around it, and Cuttons covered with Out Of Order signs.
Do You?
A/ Think perhaps I will take the Stairs?
B/ Push the barrier to one side, Step into the lift, Pull off the out of order sign and Press Buttons Franticly just incase it was all a lie?

Lots of  People think B is the answer.

Whats the worst that could happen eh!

As an aside If ever you get trapped in a lift never shout and swear at the person attempting to rescue you.
We tend to fuck off for a Cuppa till you calm down if you do that.

Talking of Lifts its not just the Public that lacks the Busfare sometimes.

Sometimes you get an attack of common sense from within the upper ranks.

Just the other day I was requested to repair a non functioning disabled Toilet.

I was about to interject the requestee however he was In an "I know best mood Get it done pronto" Mood so I just buckled down and did it.

I saw him later and Told him Said Disabled Loo was now in Tip top working Order.
All that needed to happen now was the Lift engineer to order the parts to fix the decommissioned lift leading to said Disabled Toilet.

Three weeks later...Still no Lift.

So Disabled people have Heart if you do manage to negotiate 2 Flights of Stairs crawling via your teeth if needed the Toilet at the top of them works.
The Mind Boggles


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