Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The higher the Tree the less it hurts when you fall from it.& What your Boss dont want you to Know...

Well it makes sense really, fall from the bottom branch it will hurt like fuck, fall from the top one even if it hurts it wont hurt for long...

This post is not about falling from trees but it's a tie in (If a crap one... hey its been a Hot day and I have been somewhat fried at work today) so it will do to start the theme for tonight.

Bankers, Politicians...
What do they and many others at the top of the tree have in common?

Well lets see...

They are at the top of the tree, and argue as much as you like they get paid a good chunk of money for essentially working for us (Apparently in our best interests)

They will argue (They fucking love arguing) that they deserve top Dollar as they are the best in their field.

They all have Jobs with lots of big responsibilities that is a given.

I would guess you have some big responsibilities too.

Maybe you have a Mortgage, Rent, Mouths to feed and Clothe like most of us?

There is a however a hell of a difference between being at the top and bottom of the tree.

If a cleaner for example fucks up badly, chances are its a little something in the paypacket that week.

A P45 and a don't come back.

At the bottom of the Chain you don't really get that much of a Golden Handshake , It really is more of a Golden Arsekick .

Cleaning companies whether they admit it or not employ misfits very much on purpose (I can say this I was one) Without trying to upset anyone they all tend on the whole to consist of Migrants, Students, People with criminal records, People with not much in the way of qualifications, and surprise surprise the desperate.

Work out for yourself what category you think I was...

Cutting it back to the bone, as someone who has interviewed  people for cleaning in the past myself.
(I have been both Monkey and Organ owner remember)
I would start with an informal chat. Just to suss out what made them tick. I would ask them If they had cleaned before (99% of the time they said yes and I would say 30% actually came across as they really had)
Check the documents, Take a Photocopy of them, fill out the form and Congratulations you start Monday.
You could easily spend ages looking to find out background checks but chances are you will find a fly in that ointment.
I gave up all that shit and based my interview purely on first impression. (Would I talk with this person on a social level? If yes they got the Gig)
So If they do turn up Monday and chances are they don't anyway (Fast turnover you see, Its nearly always a stopgap), Chuck em a Uniform, a mop, and hope to fuck they do a goodish job, and not make you look like a Cunt... or turn out to be a serial killer when Personnel start digging.
(The number of times I ended up being a personal reference for complete strangers just to get someone in and past Personnel, but I digress)

So why do Cleaning firms employ Misfits? On the Most part they will take being dicked about for Bottom Dollar.
Sorry to say this but it is the truth.
Bosses love this , I am Not a Cunt like that mind, That's why I stopped being the Organ owner.

I am a Mostly a People person and I fucking hate seeing other people being dicked over by the Man .

In fact this is one of the main reasons I went from Cleaning Area Supervisor (Big area about 200 Cleaners) back to being a Cleaner... I have a conscience.
but anyway at the Bottom of the chain, if you need to cutback people get Managed out. They get Fired 9 times out of 10 over trumped up petty shit.
The official line, You are bad at your job (It happens sometimes, but not that often, See above)

The unofficial line, a Manager would get told to single someone out and chew their arse till they gave up.
This happens Loads.

They get the 3 strikes and Out system as is required by law.
When they come in for the final Bollocking they will either go mental at you
(Gross Misconduct BINGO that's exactly what they want!) or are worn down so much they say fuck it and leave.

If you are reading this as someone going through the Mincer from a Boss, Do me a favour work harder and better than before, Give that person no possible reason to fire you, Just SUCK ARSE until they give up, BOSSES FUCKING HATE THIS it drives them Batshit as it makes you a really difficult Target.

Anyway as I was saying at the bottom of the chain when its bye-bye time you will get the square route of fuck all when your time is up.

This sucks and needs to change.

But what of those at the top of the pile?

Banker/MP fucks up (say the economy for example) Big handshake and a Bung More than enough to tide them over for the rest of their natural lives in a comfy manner.

Now hang on here.

Due to the responsibility and the board shoulders they need to have, they get a big Paypacket

This I can deal with , Fair enough If you are good at something that's is highly important then you deserve that Bonus, you deserve that Big house, The Nice cars and an Island in the Caribbean.

Fair play you are looking after all our shit and we are in safe hands.

Until the day you fuck up badly that is.

and when you do Fuck up it hurts everyone, People will lose their Jobs, some will get the Cleaners retirement Package I mentioned earlier to save costs I:e ...FUCK ALL!

These people will get into debt, lose all they have worked hard for, Car, House, Savings etc.

This has been many peoples reality.

So exactly why do these people deserve a Payoff?
Why does one person get gravel and broken bottles ,the other a parachute and a nice fluffy quilt to land on?

Both human beings as far as I am aware?
Fucked it I know?
All I do know it is wrong diddly wrong
I don't purport to have the answers, however I hope I have got you asking questions.

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