Monday, 5 August 2013

Is there an age limit on Cool?

Well if there is I am Uberfucked.

So what's brought this on?  Oh a couple of events in recent years.

Example one, Going to see a band I was into back in the day, This case It was a band that had reformed called Neds Atomic Dustbin.

They were a Hip and happening Indie band in the late 80s early 90s and then the disappeared.

The last time I went to a Gig like this was back in the day so being an old fart of 40 something I thought , yup why not when they reformed.

I remembered all the young sweating skinny Grebo kids jumping about in the pit, and the Rosetints in my mind said WHY the FUCK NOT.

Sure enough If I closed my eyes the band still had it and if you squinted they still sort of had that visual impact of a few angry young men playing Loud music.

and then I focused a bit more. Like me, everyone in that room had grown up got crows feet and spread out a bit.

This made me feel relieved and a bit sad all in a heartbeat.

I felt a bit like the cure to eternal youth had suddenly reversed itself in a split second.
I saw fat sweaty balding people in band teeshirts Moshing G E N T L Y...

What did I expect? I don't really know, It was great to hear the band, really, don't get me wrong.

and I don't know why I was not prepared with what I saw but I found it depressing.

Now what I had planned.
Took me a while to get over that one.

I took a look at my self image(bad move)

I then realised Im still wearing pretty much the same shit I have worn since I was 16, Sure the leather Jacket has been retired (Although it will never be got rid of It still smells of patchouli oil, stale sweat, Beer and other past frivolities, I could find that jacket with a Blindfold) but I still am at my happiest in a Black band teeshirt * (see below notes on the rules of band teeshirts) Black Jeans or Combats and Converse or Boots.
I can be swayed into other clothing but its not as comfy on me and feels wrong.

Im guessing I must be the 80s equivalent of the Old Dudes I used to see in Demob Suits when I was a nipper. 
Yet I see nothing wrong with that.

Going on from that, There are some Old Dudes that will never be uncool.

Ed Roth for example, always and forever cool.
A Myriad of Rockstars  Ozzy, I Cant believe its not John Lydon, and Iggy. Old wrinkly and addled but cooler than Pingu's Pee pee.

So second example, I am car nut, Rods, Customs, Classics...the odd VW.
I tend to drive what I like and like what I drive...and befucked to anyone who don't get it. I build for my own amusement.

Marmite is always on the menu lets say.

Anyway I have made a foray into a certain marque of car recently after many years or VWdom.

Now the actual cars are great but unlike the VW crowd who were pretty easy going on the whole, Im struggling to suss out what these people will make of my interpretation of they type of car.

I met a Club member this Sunday and I made a point of introducing myself, Now don't get me wrong She was a nice Lady, but she smacked of someone trying too damn hard ay the Zany thing.

Oh look at me and my funny car how mental Am I , Im barking I am.

This struck me as sad and desperate.

I have mates and they don't try to be Odd or quirky they just are like that.

I find this endearing there is no trying  and LOOK at me , Its 100% them no faking.

The problem with the above person , is this is the third member I have met from said club and its all the same.
Strikes me as Needy and Kills an Cool they have.

Its like hanging out with your Mother in law and only slightly less embarrassing than hanging out the back of your Mother in law (at a guess, Im not from Norfolk)
I don't mean to be like this but its suddenly Whoah what the fuck is wrong with you Matey..

I am not under any delusions I am on the pulse any more, I am not down with the Kids (Probably for the Best if Operation Yew tree is to be taken into account)

Im not that sure I have ever been.

So My synopsis in short as I am sure you are getting bored now...

Cool has No age, It is subjective, There are Old dudes that are cooler than I will ever be, and there are some sad young fucks.

but what the fuck do I know anyway?

*So then a footnote about Band teeshirts ...These Must and I mean MUST be purchased at a Gig and NEVER from Primark etc.

They are earned in the pit and then fighting your way to the merch stand afterwards.

I Like the Ramones, I like the Pistols I would never wear either as I have never seen them Live.
I have seen CARDIACS lots of times , I have lots of Cardiacs tees. I have seen PWEI a few times I have PWEI Tees...I also own a Neds Teeshirt ...I don't wear that Much.
These are the rules.


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