Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Testicle testicles 123

So here we are again, Long time no rant. I spose I should explain my long term absence to the world of blogging.
I was busy :D
So there you go, but fuck it I'm back now

Blog of the Bog is over, Sorry there is only so much mileage you can get out of toilet humour. Besides Im not a Cleaner anymore so I just don't have the material to offer you anymore.

However I offer you this instead The Rantyliner, Why Rantyliner? Its a sort of play on words , I like ranting, and to the casual observer would appear to be that I am on the blob

What will I write about? Anything that takes my fancy ,That's the beauty of a new format.

When will I write it? When I can be arsed.

Will It involve corse language typos cuss words?  FUCK YES! You bet yer dead Granny's dry old Cunt it will!

So Peace out for now and stay tuned

Nuff Love

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