Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Media,Fame Imaginary friends and Fireworks

Are people getting thicker? or is it just me? (Yes I am well aware of what I have just typed).

I am well aware of the media playing tricks on everybody. They make people think stuff is Fact when its not necessarily so.
I'm pretty sure most of you realise this too.

So where am I going with this?

For example have you noticed everything on TV seems to be a product placement these days for starters.

Anything involving a phone vote X factor, B Listers on Ice The latest (Insert someone famous for Musicals) thinly veiled Grooming session. or some bunch of Cunts who are locked in a House/Jungle etc with cameras rolling.
The latter I am quite happy to have them locked up , just without the cameras Please.

You know the score "call 3 to vote for your favourite" Well Its all bleeding obvious this is run off people phoning in and wasting their phone bills.
Fair enough if people didn't watch this shit and didn't phone in they would stop doing it.

All harmless enough.

The thing that I have noticed recently is the BBC and ITV  to the same degree seem to be using News programmes as a way of cross pollination to advertise these and other shows.

and THAT is naughty.

News is News, It is supposed to be factual, it is supposed to be about shit that effects us.

Its not a trailer for Simon Cowells latest cash cow for the hard of thinking.

and spinning straight off at a tangent...

What is it with the types that enter these instant fame things?

I can see why they do it, I just disagree with the concept of drawing someone off the street with the concept of fame and fortune.
Here's a mike you are on telly, roll cameras.

How the fuck does that work, from Bathroom Mirror crooning into a Hairbrush ,to Primetime Telly.

They get their minute in the Sun, but the product is ultimately disposable.

I cant tell you who won last year, and fuck alone knows about before that.

Just maybe I'm an Old fart here, I try and avoid this shit like I avoid Getting Fisted by someone in Chainmail.

Very vigorously (Avoiding Both)

That firework song springs to mind, They Shine brightly for a few seconds and Poof .....Fizzle...GONE!

(Co incidentally I had a warped thought today if Suicide bombers Play that song to themselves before pulling the pin)
"Baby your a firework KABOOM!"

Yup I'm going to Hell...

I am fine with going to Hell by the way, I have seen the shiney eyed nutters that fuck up a Sunday lie in with Good news.

If heaven is full of this lot you can shove it up yer Arse.

Heaven is supposedly subjective anyway, and their Heaven sounds like Hell to me.

Behave all your life, just to go somewhere you will end up needing to behave again, Nope its not selling to me.
The thing is with these People...
They don't even seem to suss the juicy irony in them waking me up just to thrust a Propaganda leaflet in my hand with the catchy title "AWAKE!".

"Hrrummph I wasn't but I am now you cunt" 

Now don't get me wrong I have no truck with religion, Its not for me, but if it gets you thorough the day then great.  Stick your hands together bang the shit out of your tambourine and praise the Fucking Lord (Other imaginary friends are available)

Just don't Fuck up my Lie in :D


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