Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Postman Pat Bins and Politics

Someone once wrote the phrase "It don't matter who you vote for the Government will still get in" and they were bang on the Money.

I cannot say hand on heart I trust any of the parties any further than I could throw them.

This poses a problem for me, To vote, and who for?  not to vote? or draw a Cock on a ballot paper (This however could be misconstrued as an allegiance to any of the Major parties mind)

Its a tricky one that's for sure the only thing I can see is a bunch of Headwanders feathering their own nests bitching at the opposing party,and Haemorrhaging money quicker than a Local Council before rinsing everyone for more.

Talking of Local councils how come we all get letter telling us that we will be fined for putting the Bins out too early.
...and then the Binmen merrily leave them scattered with the same Finesse as a Hurricane.

I swear today If Mine were any further from where I left them I would need to enter a different Postcode in a satnav to find them.

but If I were not to leave them in exactly the right place or dare to place the wrong item in them, they would refuse (see what I did there) to take them.

Following on, I am all for saving the planet but FFS they are bins not a filing system.

Talking of recycling those various Banks for disguarded items, Bottle banks, Shoe banks, Clothing banks, Book Banks.
Well they are not really banks are they, sure enough you put stuff in them , Like a bank.

But just see the looks you get with your arm wedged in the Book bank rooting around to see if there is any worth reading.

Apparently withdrawals are frowned upon.

Moving on swiftly...

There seems to be a lot of double standards going on in society in general these days.

Pubs need to be family friendly these days, Restaurants the same, you no longer will find an Ashtray in either, but you will be able to find a Highchair In just about any.

Kids are now welcome into what was recently a GROWNUPS environment. They are free to squawk, Screech , Scream their lungs out, and run around your legs while you attempt to sit and eat nice Quiet Meal.
 So a once grown ups world has been infiltrated.

but with the Shoe on the other foot. If you try as an Adult to get admission to the local soft play area for a go in the Ball pit they will refuse you blank.

and If you are in the Local shopping centre try squeezing yourself in the Postman Pat ride and see how long It takes for security to rock up?

I bet you don't get the money in the slot before being told you are not welcome.

Its a bit crap really


that's all for now

Peace Out


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