Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Stop Dehumanising people you Arseholes!

I am afraid tonight's blog is not one for the more genteel Flowers amongst my readership.
I could apologise profusely but Fuck that, I am Pissy, some Arsehole has lit the string on my Tampon good and proper and I am Chewing on the bastard now.

For someone who has been fitted with a potty mouth from birth, I do believe it or not censor my thoughts, and I DO hold back a Little.

Tonight though It is going to be both barrels, and a veritable Nailbomb of thoughts.

This is the result of some people who never fail to Disappoint me with their attitudes to fellow man , countered with some who are I feel the stem root of all that is wrong with the world.

We all know the circle of Commerce right?
Ok I will refresh you if you do, and if you genuinely don't Its time to pull up a chair.

At the top of the food chain we have big Business.
Big Business runs the Show, We like to believe its the Government elected by us but this is just a ruse.
Big Business lines the Pockets of Government, Gets laws tweaked in their favour and Bungs the Government money to shut the fuck up and turn a Blind eye to the shenanigans they play.

Ever Played Monopoly? Its that same shit , About an hour in... Some clever Cunt manages to buy everything up to the degree where whenever you roll those Dice you get royally Fucked wherever you land.
They then laugh as you remortgage everything to pay for their Hotels on Mayfair.
The difference from the game is... with real life, not everyone starts off with the same amount of money, or has a stash of Get out of Jail Free cards.
To play real life Monopoly against the like of Mr Tescos for example is one hell of a game you are highly unlikely to win.
You could Start up a little independent Supermarket by all means but since Mr Tescos is loaded he can afford to loss lead you out of the market, suffocate the competition, and then Buy your little shop, set it up as a Tescos extra.
You may think I don't own a corner shop how does this affect me, and you for that matter? Scroll up . Remember... Big Business runs the show and gets laws tweaked In its favour.

Take a Big company, pretty much most big company will do. There will be a hierarchy from the Owner ,The Board of Directors/Shareholders, Area Managers, Departmental Managers..Shopfloor...to the Guy who Mops out the Bogs.
The Owner wants more profit. So He/she calls a meeting with the Board.
"I want more for less" "OK Sir" they say, They look at their lives think Mmmm this is a good gig don't want to affect my world in any adverse, way lets pass this shit down and get back to the Masons.
So they send a Stern E Mail down to their Henchmen the Demented Departmentals.
"Rah rah rah more for less, stir some shit up make more money or else"
Departmentals look at their world, decide ."I Like my world, I don't want to change my world for the worse...Who can I cut back on... who's arse can I kick to make things add up?"
Looks down... "Hmmm Micro-management time!"
"OI SHOPFLOOR" More for less or else!

So in the name of helping the economy in recent years ...
Tribunals have been made pretty much unfinanceable  for a good chunk of people on the ground floor.
The laws have also been Tweaked so it is easier for an employer to manage people out as opposed to give redundancy where it is due.
The voice of the common person has been pretty much wiped out, besides there is plenty of desperate people from all round the world to run the Gig on Fear alone.
I am sure if I turned up in this country gaffertaped to the underside of a Lorry escaping an ethnic clensing, Minimum Wage and ritual bullying would still be shit but tolerable in comparison.

Problem is if Our third world escapee and all his mates are willing to put up with shit, Bossman thinks hey lets make this the norm, and if they don't like it we can fuck em off and get some more Kosovans in.
So Shit becomes the norm.
Now don't get me wrong, I have no Beef with anybody who decided to up sticks and leg it from the other side of the planet for a better life.
However having the powers that be use it as an excuse to push me harder for less, and in a warped way feel grateful on days I manage not to be worse off, Frankly its Cuntish!

Industrial action has been all but contractually outlawed for many on the ground floor. So there is no way of Biting back.
Besides, If you  do we will just get one of the many unemployed to take your place.
Ah the Unemployed , The government will tell you this shit is all their fault, This is BOLLOCKS! They certainly add to the situation, but why are they unemployed in the first place Hmmm?
Some are Bred to be Stupid, Fed Media Shite given barely enough education to stand on their hind legs and sent off to do grunt labour without the brain process to question it. They will need to compete hard for this grunt labour and keep hold of it.
So some wont bother.
Revolution is looking unlikely too, what with the Government and Media dripfeeding the info all funded by big Business.
In short without a lot of people saying "fuck this" and storming parliament  we are screwed.
Only there is laws against that too funnily enough.
So what can you or I do to change this? Answers on a postcard please...

Be Lucky, Fuck the System

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